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          dreamstate selfie   /   digital collage 









          the divine feminine   /   digital freehand

                                     (from the connectivity principle by stephen long)











           the universe - study 1   /   photographic manipulation











           the universe - study 2   /   photographic manipulation










          the peacemaker study #1   /   digital freehand









          the peacemaker study #2   /   digital freehand









          girl with a hat   /   digital freehand 









          yes, said she    /    poem & photo collage (photo by jim henken)

















          the moody gallery series    /    doll craft & photography































          crosswalk box   /   found art photographed









          raymond street alley   /   digital photograph









          lighted tree   /   digital photograph









          lone bloom   /   digital photograph










          breast cancer awareness on ruffner av  

                                                                /   found art photographed
























          the frida special   /   digital photograph 










          one-man band   /   digital photograph 










          david h  /  photographic manipulation









          angela & angel portrait   /  digital capture 









          night buddha    /   digital photograph 








          self-portrait   /   digital capture









          apple core & fork   /    instagram composition









          apple core & napkin   /   instagram composition








          french horn & feet  /   instagram composition













Angela Carole Brown : DIGITAL ART : writer/vocalist/artist