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The Assassination of Gabriel Champion
General / Literary


Twenty years ago, I was properly slapped by Virginia Woolf's words: "Who can pen when he is bored? The minds of leisure only can be trite." What I had no notion of, at the time, was how pivotal that idea would end up being in the writing of my sophomore effort, an existential tale of the rarely depicted Los Angeles art scene that explores themes of violence & redemption. This new work is a meditation on art & artists, and an atmospheric, sometimes brutal, parable on the complex nature of love, which asks the question: what can we forgive?





Trading Fours

General / Literary Fiction


***Winner of the 2018 North Street Book Prize in Literary Fiction***


My debut novel sets its story on one day in the life of four Los Angeles musicians, who each struggle to make their living as such, and who are faced with a plight to which each must seek a resolve. By the end of the business day, their lives will have intersected in ways much like the intersection of a musical trading fours that builds to a dramatic cadence.






The Kidney Journals
Memoir / Non-Fiction


On July 22, 2008 I successfully donated a kidney to Hans San Juan at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, during quite possibly the most profound spell of depression I have ever experienced. This trilogy of journals takes on my own dark times and the surprising leaps of faith it sometimes takes to be delivered, as it depicts an extraordinary and life-altering adventure that turned out to save not one life ... but two. 
















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Coming in 2019




Aleatory on the Radio

Short Story Collection


A lesson in brevity. Tiny starbursts.  Stumbling upon the 100-word story world, I read some electrifying miniatures, and was gripped by this idea of something so taut it rattles the usual instincts. To scrutinize each word, wrench meaning from the space between, was both constraining and freeing. Weaving through the vista of artists, loners, lovers, dreamers, those lost, those found, this collection of microfictions explores a world as baffling as it is beautiful.





Poetry Collection


2017 was a turbulent year for my family, for me, and frankly for my writing. Turbulence doesn't always equate with something bad or unfortunate. Sometimes a little gusting up is good for the creaks, as I believe has been the case for me as a writer. And then sometimes it's just exactly as nausea-inspiring as the word evokes. Of the sheer volume of struggles that befell my family that year, the roaring lion was the loss of our patriarch, my father Ted Brown, who spent his life as an artist. This collection, entitled Bones, was written during that turbulent year, and marks the first time in my writer's life that the poet surprisingly came alive.  It served as healing, and I hope it serves as art.
















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