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A most extraordinary documentary feature that I have the honor and privilege to be a part of, after 5 years in the making, finally had its world premiere nearly a year ago, on Saturday, November 5, 2016, at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles, and in the past year has screened in over 100 cities, local and foreign. 


THE GODDESS PROJECT is a film by Holli Rae and Sara Landas, two energetic young filmmakers who decided to pack their lives into a school bus and hit the road for what became, in their own words, "the most transformative adventure of our lives." Determined to empower the feminine voice through conversations with over 100 women from all different walks of life, THE GODDESS PROJECT gives an intimate look into the collective experience that women in the United States face today. 


Not only am I one of the women interviewed, I also had the pleasure of working with the film's composer, Mary Ekler, as a vocalist on the score.  Over the past few years, I have been given glimpses and peeks into what they've created, and yet was still unprepared for the completed work of art to be nothing short of BREATHTAKING.


This film is important.  It needs to be seen. Should you be interested in finding out where screenings are happening, or in hosting a screening in your own community, as this is a genuine grassroots effort, please visit THE GODDESS PROJECT website. I am also happy to keep you abreast of its theatrical distribution news, right here, as it comes in.


For now, check out their beautiful trailer!













And yet another film is in my future!  For nearly two decades now, I've been part of the innovative, genre-bending, 30-piece Orchestre Surreal. Conductor Elvis Schoenberg (the musical miscegenation of the King of Rock: Elvis Presley ... and the King of Early 20th-Century Dodecaphonic Music: Arnold Schoenberg) has artfully collided musical genres in such a strange-bedfellows way (Prokofiev meets Creedence, Hendrix meets Strauss, The Stones meets Copland, and on and deliriously on) that simply by having created these juxtapositions, his epic pieces often make social commentary without even necessarily intending to, and they always offer up a sometimes broad, sometimes subtle, humor.  And now, after all the madness, we're finally ready to capture that vision on film.  Think concert film / mockumentary, by way of Zelig, The Office, or This Is Spinal Tap. Theatrical in a deranged-circus-Fellini-German-expressionistic-John-Waters-burlesque way, the Orchestre Surreal is as cinematic as they come for the symphony world. 

We're presently in the fundraising stages of the process, even though some preliminary filming has already commenced, and I hope you'll consider making a CONTRIBUTION


If you can't contribute financially, helping to spread the word to your friends and on social media is just as valuable, and appreciated!








And just who IS this Elvis Schoenberg? ... you may be asking yourself.  Well recently, members of his acclaimed orchestra spoke freely and frankly for the camera, in an effort to uncover the mystery of Elvis, and the perplexing phenomenon that is THE ORCHESTRE SURREAL.  






















I have recently had the deep honor to join up with like-minded spirits and beautiful friends to form a Kirtan ensemble, Kirtankara (a Pure Bhakti Devotion).  Kirtan is sacred call-&-response chanting originally performed in India's Bhakti community. It began centuries ago as a devotional worship, and was known as the layman's way to connect with the Divine. The Sanskrit chants are ancient traditionals considered to contain transformative power and healing energy. And Kirtankara is now open for business, to come and conduct a Kirtan at spiritual centers, yoga studios, schools, churches homes, etc.  If you find yourself interested in hosting Kirtankara, please contact KAEL JOSEPH CLARK


You can also learn more about it on my KIRTANKARA page. 




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