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"The highest form of maturity is self-inquiry."      Martin Luther King, Jr.



"Angela's voice is transcendental, her words
magical, incisive and true."

Lily Knight, yoga instructor, The Awareness Center.











After 30 years as a professional musician, and 20 as a yoga practitioner, I have finally integrated two of my loves and released my first yoga-mindfulness CD, Global Yoga, on Rue de la Harpe Records. On its first week released, it became CDBaby's "Editor's Pick" in the category of New Age: Energy Healing.


It features beautifully improvised music by my alt-folk group The Global Folk, and is a 1-hour gentle instruction that I have designed, which includes relaxation techniques, Sun Salutations, strength asanas, chakra awareness, and meditation.


The Global Folk are:  Ken Rosser on guitar, pipa and sitar.  Paul Angers on tribal drums.  Me on synthesizer, singing bowls, and narration.


What stands Global Yoga out from the rest is that most home-yoga classes are DVD's, where you're obligated to practice in whatever room your television lives. Global Yoga offers the freedom to practice anywhere you can take your boombox or iPod.


Relax.  Restore.  Renew.








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