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"It is the calling, the crying, the reaching across infinite space,

digging into the heart's deepest well to touch and be touched by Divine Presence."    Jai Uttal





What is Kirtan?  It is sacred call-&-response chanting originally performed in India's Bhakti community. It began centuries ago as a devotional worship, and was known as the layman's way to connect with the Divine. The Sanskrit chants are ancient traditionals considered to contain transformative power and healing energy. And I personally find that the power in mantras and chants is simply in their ability to attune consciousness.  Recently I have had the deep honor to join up with like-minded spirits and beautiful friends to form a Kirtan ensemble, Kirtankara (a Pure Bhakti Devotion). Our very first order of business was the recent summer series hosted by the Center For Spiritual Living Granada Hills. We received such a fantastic response, and got so much out of the experience, that we are officially offering our services to the spiritual and soul-tending community at large.  In this first year of our existence, we have thus far performed Kirtan at the Center For Spiritual Living Granada Hills, Center for Spiritual Living Simi Valley, the Center for Applied Consciousness Yoga Studio, the Topanga Canyon Farmer's Market, the Marina del Rey Farmer's Market, and we are presently doing a monthly residency at Inner Power Yoga.  








Center for Spiritual Living Simi Valley

Wed November 29, 2017
7pm - 8pm  





The Yoga Expo


Sat January 6, 2018
Timeslot TBA




The members are:  Music Director - Ken Francis, Erika Francis, Kael Joseph Clark, Terri Page, Andreios Grivas,
Gerry Reiche, Mecca Romero, Aga Kadulbowska, and Yours Truly. 









Below are some live glimpses into our world of Kirtan.  Enjoy them, use them for meditation, sing along; all is right, and appropriate, and spirit-nourishing. 




(clips - 3:26)













(a complete Kirtan service  - 1:38:22)















(Kirtan opening prayer, Mother Earth Divine,

 with Terri Page and Kael Joseph Clark  -  6:14)










For hosting Kirtankara at your yoga studio, spiritual center, church, school, or home, please contact




We have a Facebook page too!












Om Shanti Om








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