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"Sell your cleverness, and buy bewilderment."      Rumi                  







I have spent that past nearly three decades making a successful living in music, yet in 2007 found myself in crisis. On July 22nd of the following year, I successfully donated a kidney to HANS SAN JUAN, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, during quite possibly the most profound spell of depression I have ever experienced. 


The trilogy of journal entries that comprises The Kidney Journals: Memoirs of a Desperate Lifesaver is my meditation on an extraordinary and life-altering adventure that turned out to save not one life ... but two.  I've always been a devout believer that the only way to wholeness and healing is through a rigorously honest self-inquiry and dogged examination of one's nature.


The Kidney Journals takes on my own dark times and the surprising leaps of faith it sometimes takes to be delivered.  It also speaks of an extraordinary young man, who has become like a son to me; a fellow artist, a creative sort, my magical jester man/boy, who continues to live his life large.  










Angela Carole Brown : OM PAGE THE KIDNEY JOURNALS MEMOIR : writer/vocalist/artist