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Artwork by Rene Norman  



My early years were spent doing lots of regional theatre throughout Los Angeles, but only one case was from my own penning.  After seeing Lily Tomlin's The Search For Intelligent Signs of Life In the Universe and Linda Hopkins' Me and Bessie, I was blown away and promptly inspired to create my own one-woman show.  The following are filmed excerpts from that show, The Purple Sleep Cafe, which I wrote, composed the music for, and performed.  It was originally staged and filmed in the summer of 1991, at my alma mater The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in the Michael Thoma Theater (who had been a teacher and mentor of mine, so the full circle was very nice-feeling).  That particular production was directed by Candi Milo and filmed by the late, great Don La Fontaine, and which is the footage featured here.  A few years later it was re-mounted, and that time directed by Marco Hernandez, and we were blessed enough to take that run to New York and perform it at the Off-Broadway theatre Primary Stages.  I have nothing but the fondest of memories creating and realizing this show, which is a memoir of sorts on the struggles and joys of being an artist, and the compulsion of artists (which, if you've ever read any of my books, you'll know is the recurring theme for me).   I hope you enjoy these 4 excerpts.





































Angela Carole Brown : THE PURPLE SLEEP CAFE - LIVE THEATRE EXCERPTS : writer/vocalist/artist